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Matt Redding, Sr.

Founder & President

Matthew R. Redding Sr. is the founder of Metroplex Wealth LLC located in Southlake, Texas and has been in the financial services industry since 1983.  A graduate of Florida State University in 1979, Matt played golf for the Seminoles while attending FSU. After a successful collegiate and amateur career, he turned professional and played on the Asian, South African and PGA tours from 1980- 1982.  After several injuries, he decided a career change was necessary and joined Smith Barney as a financial consultant and continued his career as a Divisional Sales Manager/Financial Consultant with Merrill Lynch and a Branch Manager for UBS.

After 20 plus years in the brokerage industry, he became disillusioned by Wall Street’s fixation on the firm’s profits over client’s profits. This coupled with his client base nearing retirement, he became focused on retirement income planning for his clients utilizing strategies the insurance industry created that provides guaranteed lifetime income with no stock market risk.

Through his experiences as a financial consultant, he found that quite often there was a gap between the traditional brokerage firm and client relationship. Often times this gap was the lack of a cohesive and coordinated plan attempting to solve retirement income strategies, lowering their tax bill and providing a legacy for their future generations.

Using a “team” approach, Metroplex Wealth’s focus is building tax efficient retirement income strategies, proactive tax planning, estate planning, accounting and business planning for clients and their families. Traditional stock broker/client relationships were somewhat successful in the early 1980’s through the mid 2000’s. However, the managing and maintaining of wealth has become more and more complex in the last decade. Significant income tax and estate tax changes along with market and economic challenges have left families feeling frustrated.

Investors are searching for answers. Wealth comes in various shapes and sizes. We are a “team” who can provide guidance with the various complexities of accumulating and managing the assets clients have accumulated. Tax efficiency with regards to current and future income taxes, retirement income, and passing their assets to your loved ones is our goal. This holistic approach allows clients to enjoy a this ‘team” approach whose focus is on the clients overall financial picture not simply a product or transaction.